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Title: Heuristic approaches for lot splitting and scheduling in identical parallel machines
Author: Pimentel, Carina
Alvelos, Filipe
Carvalho, J.M. Valério
Duarte, António J.S.T.
Keywords: Production lot splitting and scheduling
Real-world problem
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Pimentel, Carina; Alvelos, Filipe; Carvalho, J.M. Valério; Duarte, António J.S.T. (2010) - Heuristic approaches for lot splitting and scheduling in identical parallel machines. In 17th International Annual EurOMA Conference. Porto
Abstract: In this paper we address a practical lot splitting and scheduling problem of a textile company that produces fine knitted garments. The problem consists of finding a weekly production plan for the knitting section, in which the garment components are produced in a set of parallel machines. We solve the problem in two steps using heuristic approaches. In the first step one of two heuristics (a network flow heuristic and a constructive heuristic) is applied to find an initial solution and in the second step local search based algorithms are applied to improve the quality of the solutions.
Peer review: yes
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