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Title: Study of ternary glass spherical particle beds : porosity, tortuosity, and permeability
Author: Dias, Ricardo P.
Mota, Manuel
Teixeira, José A.
Yelshin, Alexander
Keywords: Ternary mixed bed
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: The Filtration Society
Citation: Dias, Ricardo P. ; Mota, Manuel; Teixeira, José A.; Yelshin, Alexander (2005) - Study of ternary glass spherical particle beds : porosity, tortuosity, and permeability. Filtration. ISSN 1479-0602. p.68-75
Abstract: Ternary mixtures of glass beads were constructed as a model of granular packing. Porosity and permeability were experimentally determined in a wide range of mixture composition. Based on experimental data, tortuosity was calculated using the Kozeny-Carman equation. Applying the conventional relation that expresses tortuosity as the inverse of the power order of porosity, it was found that the parameter n varies with the fraction content. The observed phenomenon was explained by wall effects between particles of different sizes.
Peer review: yes
ISSN: 1479-0602
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