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Título: The implementation of radiation technology program in Portugal
Autor: Botelho, M. Luísa
Cabo Verde, Sandra
Melo, R.
Marcos, H.
Silva, T.
Nunes, I.
Dores, V.
Antonio, Amilcar L.
Reis, J.
Teubig, P.
Santos, Pedro M.P.
Palavras-chave: Gamma radiation
Radiosterilization technology
Data: 2010
Citação: Botelho, M. L.; Cabo Verde, S.; Melo, R.; Marcos, H.; Silva, T.; Nunes, I.; Dores, V.; Antonio, A.; Reis, J.; Teubig, P.; Santos, P. M. P. (2010) - The implementation of radiation technology program in Portugal. In NAARRI International Conference on Isotope Technologies and Applications. New Horizons, Mumbay, India. p. 56-64
Resumo: The development of ionizing radiation pplications for Industrial purposes in Portugal began near of 1982 with the support of IAEA. The main steps to put forward prior to the implementation were the sitting and the design study in order to build up the facility. Subsequently, the main parameters to be achieved were the construction, the commissioning, the operation, the maintenance and the foreseen decommission. Once a quality system for the gamma facility was established, the following stage is to develop, validate and control the terilization/disinfection process. The research activities carried out in the UTR have been closely related with the main applications of this technology namely, the sterilization of medical devices and pharmaceuticals and other products’ decontamination. Recently, a research Cobalt-60 equipment was upgraded and a LINAC was implemented in order to sustain the R&D. Fundamental and development research is ngoing in order to understand the irradiation mechanisms of action and to apply the technology with safety and quality patterns.
Peer review: no
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10198/6530
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