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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Meta-analysis of the incidence of food-borne pathogens in Portuguese meats and their productsXavier, Cristina; Cadavez, Vasco; Paula, Vanessa; Estevinho, Leticia M.; Gonzales-Barron, Ursula
2013Modelling the effect of chilling on the occurrence of Salmonella on pig carcasses at study, abattoir and batch levels by meta-analysisGonzales-Barron, Ursula A.; Cadavez, Vasco; Sheridan, James; Butler, Francis
2012The use of seemingly unrelated regression (SUR) to predict the carcass composition of lambsCadavez, Vasco; Henningsen, Arne
2014The effect of sex and genotype on growth performance, feed efficiency, and carcass traits of local sheep group Pantaneiro and Texel or Santa Inês crossbred finished on feedlotVargas Junior, Fernando Miranda de; Martins, Charles Ferreira; Pinto, Guilherme dos Santos; Ferreira, Marcos Barbosa; Ricardo, Hélio de Almeida; Leão, André Gustavo; Fernandes, Alexandre Rodrigo Mendes; Teixeira, A.
2013Use of generalized Procrustes analysis (GPA) to test the effects of sex and carcass weight on sensory quality evaluations of Terrincho lamb meatRodrigues, Sandra; Teixeira, A.
2013Pork meat quality of Preto Alentejano and commercial largewhite landrace crossTeixeira, A.; Rodrigues, Sandra
2013Growth performance, feed efficiency and carcass characteristics of lambs produced from Dorper sheep crossed with Santa Inês or Brazilian Somali sheepSouza, D.A.; Selaive-Villaroel, A.B.; Pereira, E.S.; Osório, J.C.S.; Teixeira, A.
2014Assessing the value of a portable near infrared spectroscopy sensor for predicting pork meat quality traits of "asturcelta autochthonous swine breedRoza-Delgado, Begoña de la; Solnado, Ana; Oliveira, António Filipe Gomes de Faria; Martínez-Fernández, Adela; Argamentería, Alejandro
2012Influence of breed, milk diet and slaughter weight on carcass traits of suckling kids from seven Spanish breedsPanea, B.; Ripoll, A.; Horcada, A.; Sañudo, C.; Teixeira, A.; Alcalde, M.J.
2012Atlas de disección de la canal de los ruminantesPanea, B.; Ripoll, G.; Alberti, P.; Joy, M.; Teixeira, A.
2012Fatty acid profile of three adipose depots in seven Spanish breeds of suckling kids.Horcada, A.; Ripoll, G.; Alcalde, M.J.; Sañudo, C.; Teixeira, A.; Panea, B.
2012Effect of slaughter weight and breed on instrumental and sensory meat quality of suckling kidsRipoll, G.; Alcalde, M.J.; Horcada, A.; Campo, M.M.; Sañudo, C.; Teixeira, A.; Panea, B.
2005Comparación entre la actividad de colonias de Apis mellifera L. sometidas a inseminación instrumental con la actividad de colonias fecundadas naturalmentePires, Sância; Josa, Agustín; Costa, Adelino
2006Concept study of an implantable microsystem for electrical resistance and temperature measurements in dairy cows, suitable for estrus detectionMorais, Raul; Valente, A.; Almeida, José Carlos; Silva, Amélia M.; Soares, Salviano; Reis, M.J.C.S.; Valentim, Ramiro; Azevedo, Jorge
2006Follicular dynamics in Serrana goatsSimões, João; Almeida, José Carlos; Valentim, Ramiro; Azevedo, Jorge; Fontes, Paulo; Mascarenhas, R.
2011Goat meat quality. Effects of salting, air-drying and ageing processesTeixeira, A.; Pereira, Etelvina; Rodrigues, Sandra
2009Effect of sex and carcass weight on sensory quality of goat meat of Cabrito TransmontanoRodrigues, Sandra; Teixeira, A.
2010Assessment of goat fat depots using ultrasound technology and multiple multivariate prediction modelsPeres, António M.; Dias, L.G.; Joy, M.; Teixeira, A.
2009Estimation of light lamb carcass composition by in vivo real-time ultrasonography at four anatomical locationsRipoll, G.; Joy, M.; Álvarez-Rodríguez, J.; Sanz, B.; Teixeira, A.
2009Development of organs and tissues in lambs raised on Spanish mountain grasslandÁlvarez-Rodríguez, J.; Sanz, A.; Joy, M.; Carrasco, S.; Ripoll, G.; Teixeira, A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 31