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Título: Tool-supported building of DSLs from OWL ontologies
Autor: Ceh, Ines
Crepinsek, Matej
Kosar, Tomaz
Mernik, Marjan
Henriques, Pedro
Pereira, Maria João
Cruz, Daniela
Oliveira, Nuno
Palavras-chave: Domain specific languages
Language processing
Data: 2011
Citação: Ceh, Ines; Crepinsek, Matej; Kosar, Tomaz; Mernik, Marjan; Henriques, Pedro; Pereira, Maria João; Cruz, Daniela; Oliveira, Nuno (2011) - Tool-supported building of DSLs from OWL ontologies. In INForum'11 --- Simpósio de Informática (CoRTA'11 track). Universidade de Coimbra.
Resumo: Domain-specific languages (DSLs) are computer languages intended for problem solving in a specific domain. Ontology is a formal representation of a set of concepts from a particular domain and the relations between them. An ontology may be used to describe a domain and to reason about the entities within the domain. This paper presents an Ontology2DSL framework to build DSLs from OWL ontologies. Ontology2DSL enables the semi-automated construction of a formal grammar and programs from an OWL ontology. The design approach, the functionalities of the framework, and a case study are also addressed in this paper. Special attention is paid to the architecture that encompasses the following components: the transformation pattern builder, the OWL parser, the rule reader, the rule execution component and the transaction logger.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10198/6311
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