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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Shell's influence on drying kinetics, color and volumetric shrinkage of Castanea sativa Mill. fruitsDelgado, Teresa; Pereira, J.A.; Baptista, Paula; Casal, Susana; Ramalhosa, Elsa
2002Detecção de adulterações em produtos alimentares contendo leite e/ou proteínas lácteasVeloso, Ana C.A.; Teixeira, Natércia; Ferreira, Isabel M.P.L.V.O.; Ferreira, Margarida A.
2014Evaluation of healthy and sensory indexes of sweetened beverages using an electronic tongueDias, L.G.; Sequeira, Cédric Basílio; Veloso, Ana C.A.; Sousa, Mara E.B.C.; Peres, António M.
2014Single-cultivar extra virgin olive oil classification using a potentiometric electronic tongueDias, L.G.; Fernandes, Andreia; Veloso, Ana C.A.; Machado, Adélio; Pereira, J.A.; Peres, António M.
2015Fatty acid, vitamin E and sterols composition of seed oils from nine different pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) cultivars grown in SpainFernandes, Luana; Pereira, J.A.; Lopéz-Cortés, Isabel; Salazar, Domingo M.; Ramalhosa, Elsa; Casal, Susana
2015A extrusão em tecnologia alimentar: tipos, vantagens e equipamentosLopes-da-Silva, M.F.; Santos, Luís; Choupina, Altino
2015Development of an electrochemical RNA-aptasensor to detect human osteopontinMeirinho, S.G.; Dias, L.G.; Peres, António M.; Rodrigues, Lígia R.
2014Practical procedure for discriminating monofloral honey with a broad pollen profile variability using an electronic tongueSousa, Mara E.B.C.; Dias, L.G.; Veloso, Ana C.A.; Estevinho, Leticia M.; Peres, António M.; Machado, Adélio
2014Synthesis and transformation of halochromonesTomé, Sara M.; Silva, Artur M.S.; Santos, Clementina M.M.
2014Chalcones as versatile synthons for the synthesis of 5- and 6-membered nitrogen heterocylcesAlbuquerque, Hélio; Santos, Clementina M.M.; Cavaleiro, José A.S.; Silva, Artur M.S.
2013Oxidative stress responses and histological hepatic alterations in barbel, Barbus bocagei, from Vizela river, PortugalPeixoto, Francisco P.; Carrola, J.S.; Coimbra, A.; Fernandes, Conceição; Teixeira, P.; Coelho, L.; Conceição, Ivo; Oliveira, Maria Manuel; Fontainhas-Fernandes, A.
2013Cyclic voltammetry: a tool to quantify 2,4,6-trichloroanisole in aqueous samples from cork planks boiling industrial processPeres, António M.; Freitas, Patrícia; Dias, L.G.; Sousa, Mara E.B.C.; Castro, Luís M.; Veloso, Ana C.A.
2013Agronomic evaluation of a fertiliser with D-CODER technology, a new mechanism for the slow release of nutrientsArrobas, Margarida; Rodrigues, M.A.
2012Abundance and diversity of soil arthropods in the olive grove ecosystemGonçalves, M.F.; Pereira, J.A.
2014Influence of the structural features of commercial mannoproteins in white wine protein stabilization and chemical and sensory propertiesRibeiro, Tânia; Fernandes, Conceição; Nunes, Fernando M.; Filipe-Ribeiro, L.; Cosme, Fernanda
2013Electrochemical characterization of bioactive hydroxyxanthones by cyclic voltammetrySantos, Clementina M.M.; Garcia, Beatriz; Silva, Artur; Santus, René; Morlière, Patrice; Fernandes, Eduarda
2014Antioxidant activity and bioactive compounds of lettuce improved by espresso coffee residuesCruz, Rebeca; Gomes, Teresa; Ferreira, Anabela; Mendes, Eulália; Baptista, Paula; Cunha, Sara; Pereira, J.A.; Ramalhosa, Elsa; Casal, Susana
2013Soil management in rainfed olive orchards may result in conflicting effects on olive production and soil fertilityFerreira, I.Q.; Arrobas, Margarida; Claro, Ana Marília; Rodrigues, M.A.
2013Soil nitrogen availability in olive orchards after mulching legume cover crop residuesRodrigues, M.A.; Correia, C.M.; Claro, Ana Marília; Ferreira, I.Q.; Barbosa, José Carlos; Moutinho-Pereira, J.M.; Bacelar, E.A.; Fernandes-Silva, A.A.; Arrobas, Margarida
2013Optimization of mead production using response surface methodologyGomes, Teresa; Barradas, Carla; Dias, Teresa; Andrade, João Verdial; Morais, Jorge Sá; Ramalhosa, Elsa; Estevinho, Leticia M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 192