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Title: AspectLISA: an aspect-oriented compiler construction system based on attribute grammars
Author: Rebernak, Damijan
Mernik, Marjan
Henriques, Pedro
Pereira, Maria João
Keywords: Attribute grammars
Aspect oriented programming
Compiler generators
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Rebernak, Damijan; Mernik, Marjan; Henriques, Pedro; Pereira, Maria João (2006) - AspectLISA: an aspect-oriented compiler construction system based on attribute grammars. Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science. ISSN 1571-0661. 164 p.37-53
Abstract: The use of object-oriented techniques and concepts, like encapsulation and inheritance, greatly improves language specifications towards better modularity, reusability and extensibility. Additional improvements can be achieved with aspect-oriented techniques since semantic aspects also crosscut many language constructs. Indeed, aspect-oriented constructs have been already added to some language specifications. The LISA compiler construction system follows an object-oriented approach and has already implemented mechanisms for inheritance, modularity and extensibility. Adding aspects to LISA will lead to more reusable language specifications. In the paper, aspectoriented attribute grammars are introduced, and the underlying ideas are incorporated into AspectLISA, an aspect-oriented compiler generator based on attribute grammars.
Peer review: yes
ISSN: 1571-0661
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