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Title: Territorial marketing: interaction between industrial and regional networks
Author: Correia, Ricardo
Keywords: Industrial networks
Relational geography
Territorial marketing
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Correia, Ricardo (2011) – Territorial marketing: interaction between industrial and regional networks. International Review on Public and Nonprofit Marketing. ISSN 1865-1984. 8:1. p. 93-95
Abstract: The research deals with the reciprocal influence between firms and regional dynamics. The study puts in evidence that the relationship between firms and regions is specific and dependent upon particular features, thus, impossible to replicate in other contexts. It also suggests that regional dynamics are mostly reliant upon intangible factors and networks interactions taking place at various scales, and not on circumscribed material components. Such specificity renders fragile the literature associated to the traditional stand of economic geography and clusters' theory. These results provide regional administrations with a new perspective for the territorial promotion.
Peer review: yes
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