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Título: Adolescents perception of parents and peers diet and physical activity behaviour and encouragement
Autor: Ferro-Lebres, Vera
Ribeiro, José Carlos
Moreira, Pedro
Palavras-chave: Diet
Physical activity
Data: 2011
Editora: European Association for the Study of Obesity
Citação: Ferro Lebres, Vera; Ribeiro, José Carlos; Moreira, Pedro (2011) - Adolescents perception of parents and peers diet and physical activity behaviour and encouragement. In European Congress of Obesity 2011. Istambul, Turkey
Resumo: It has been well documented that parents and peers behaviour influence children and adolescents, namely regarding physical activity and eating behaviours. It is fundamental to understand how adolescents perceive their parents and peers behaviour and stimulus to adolescents own behaviour. This research aimed to study the perception Portuguese adolescents have about their parents and peers behaviour and the stimulus to adolescents own physical activity and eating behaviour. A questionnaire about adolescents’ perception of parents and peers behavior and stimulus was design specially for this research. Data from a 748 sample, mean age 16,7 years (SD=2,0) show that most adolescents perceive that both parents have always/ almost always healthy diets (92,2% mothers; 83,6%fathers) and are always/almost always physically active (53,7% mothers; 63,4%fathers). Adolescents also perceive parents to encourage them to have healthy diets always/almost always (93,9% mothers; 88,0%fathers) and to be physically active always/almost always (86,3% mothers; 88,8%fathers). A Cohen’s kappa moderate consistency among perception of fathers and mothers stimulus was found either to healthy diet (0.47; p <0.001), and physical activity (0.42; p <0.001); and between perception of peers stimulus and behaviour (0.45; p<0.001). A low agreement was found between perception of parents encouragement and own behaviour. These results suggest that the low consistency between the perception of parents behaviour and stimulus to adolescents behaviour is possibly one of the reasons way adolescent’s continue to have poor diets and physical activity levels. Future interventions must consider involving parents and reinforce the importance of changing to a healthier way their lifestyles.
Peer review: yes
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