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Título: Qualifications and professional competencies of the construction manager in Portugal: the impact of the Bologna process
Autor: Abreu, Maria Isabel
Oliveira, Rui
Palavras-chave: Bologna process
Construction management
Civil engineering
Data: 2007
Citação: Abreu, Maria Isabel; Oliveira, Rui (2007) - Qualifications and professional competencies of the construction manager in Portugal: the impact of the Bologna process. In 9th International Conference on Modern Building Materials, Structures and Techniques. p.224-230
Resumo: The legal framework concerning the construction industry is closely related with the industry’s specificities in each country. With the increasing globalisation of the economy, particularly in the European Union, there is a trend for a normalisation of the legal framework related to construction practices. In terms of professional practice in construction in Portugal, the graduate professionals are architects, civil engineers and technical civil engineers. In order to legally practise in the field, architects must be registered in the Order of Architects, civil engineers with the Order of Engineers and technical civil engineers with the Professional Association of Technical Engineers. The legal framework for the activity of these different professions has long been established by the Decree Law 73/1973. As regards the construction management profession, these professionals are not obliged by law to fulfil any specific educational requirements nor are they subject to any legal regime regulating their activities. However, it is generally recognised that the Institutions of Higher Education in Portugal do not provide the competencies required for an efficient practice in the area of construction management. The Bologna Model establishes that the definition of the objectives of the course subjects be centred in terms of the learning outcomes. It appears that with the new curricula structure, which emphasises competencies to be acquired, the institutions of higher education are better prepared to mach their educational activities with the needs of business community.
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