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Title: Organic beekeeping in Portugal
Author: Garção, H.
Barros, Lillian
Batista, Vânia
Vilas-Boas, Miguel
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Garção, H.; Barros, L.M.; Batista, V.; Vilas-Boas, Miguel (2010) - Organic beekeeping in Portugal. In First World Conference in Organic Beekeeping. Sunny Beach, Bulgária
Abstract: Beekeeping in Portugal is an agricultural activity that over the past years has seen a reduction in the number of registered operators. However, this behaviour is not the result of abandonment, as found in general for other agricu lture activities, but is due to an increase of beekeepers professionalism, as evidenced by the steady number of registered hives. The decrease in the number of beekeepers refiects the actual disappearance of hobbyists and those farmers who practiced beekeeping as a complementary rural activity (low number of hives / beekeeper) and the appearance of new operators, wi th higher numbers of hives, where the economic result of beekeeping reflects its core profit.
Peer review: yes
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