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Title: The implementation of regulations on solar collectors in buildings
Author: Abreu, Maria Isabel
Oliveira, Rui
Keywords: Solar collector
Thermal regulations
Solar water heating
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: Abreu, Maria Isabel; Oliveira, Rui (2008) - The implementation of regulations on solar collectors in buildings. In Eurosun. Lisboa.
Abstract: In the beginning of this decade, the Portuguese Program E4 – Energy Efficiency and Endogenous Energies have proposed an ambitious goal of 1 million m2 of solar collector area in Portugal until 2010. To cope with this, it was implemented in 2001 by Portuguese Government the National Program Solar Hot Water for Portugal (IP-AQSpP). The Portuguese new Thermal Regulations (RCCTE) opens to all constructions partners a new opportunity for implementing more strongly renewable energy technologies in buildings.
Peer review: yes
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