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Title: Valuation of companies not quoted on the stock market
Author: Fernandes, António B.
Armada, Manuel José da Rocha
Rodrigues, Lúcia Maria Portela Lima
Keywords: Valuation of firms
Traditional (static)
Firms not quoted on the stock market
Small firms
Simulation analysis
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Université de Sfax
Citation: Fernandes, António B.; Armada, Manuel J. Rocha; Rodrigues, Lúcia Maria Portela Lima (2005)- Valuation of companies not quoted on the stock market. In 3º International Finance Conference IFC 3. Hammamet - Tunisia.
Abstract: Valuation of companies not quoted on the stock market, arch of relatively small sizee have not been studied (evaluated) as compared with other large and quoted companies. In the present study, and as starting point, we apply the “CVA – Cash Value Added” method particularly adequate for the type of Portuguese (Small) firms. We proceed by performing a sensitivity and simulation analysis, in order to estimate the associated with the previous classic (static) valuation methodology. This, in our opinion, is another contribution of this research.
Peer review: yes
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