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Title: Typology of seismic motion and seismic engineering design
Author: Mistakidis, E.
Apostolska-Petrusevska, R.
Dubina, D.
Graf, W.
Necevska-Cvetanovska, G.
Nogueiro, Pedro
Pannier, S.
Sickert, J.
Silva, Luís Simões da
Stratan, A.
Terzic, U.
Keywords: Seismic motion typology
Structural response
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: Mistakidis, E.; Apostolska-Petrusevska, R.; Dubina, D.; Graf, W.; Necevska-Cvetanovska, G.; Nogueiro, Pedro; Pannier, S.; Sickert, J.; Simões da Silva, Luís; Stratan, A.; Terzic, U. (2007) - Typology of seismic motion and seismic engineering design. In Urban Habitat Constructions under Catastrophic Events, Prazska technica, Czech Technical University in Prague. Prague, Czech Republic.
Abstract: The paper deals with the influence of the seismic motion typology on the structural response and with engineering design under exceptional actions. Various aspects of seismic motion typology that lead to exceptional actions on the structures are covered. The influence of near fault ground motions, the effect of local site parameters and the magnification of the seismic action on short-period structures are among the parameters identified as dominant for the structural response. The paper presents also a methodology for handling uncertainty in engineering design, based on the mathematical framework of fuzzy analysis. Finally the paper presents various applications of performance based design, which is viewed as a tool as a tool for the analysis of structural behaviour under extreme seismic events. The influence of connection behaviour on the structural response is studied, and applications of the capacity design methodology and of the direct displacement design approach for the evaluation of reinforce concrete structures are presented.
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