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dc.contributor.authorLopes, H.-
dc.contributor.authorGuedes, R.M.-
dc.contributor.authorVaz, M.A.P.-
dc.identifier.citationLopes, H.; Guedes, R. M.; Vaz, M.A.P. (2006). Techniques in numerical differentiation of experimentally noisy data. In 5th International Conference of Mechanical & Materials in Design. Porto, Portugal. p.27-28.por
dc.description.abstractA comparison of different methodologies for spatial differentiation of experimental noisy data is presented. The transient displacement fields resulting from bending wave propagation on aluminum plate were measured with pulse TV-holography. A new method to perform the numerical spatial differentiation and a strategy for dealing with the border problem are presented. The method here presented results for the third order derivative and showed to be superior to the other methods tested. A good agreement between the new method and the Finite Elements Method was achieved.por
dc.publisherJ.F. Silva Gomes and Shaker A. Meguidpor
dc.subjectNumerical differentiationpor
dc.subjectExperimental datapor
dc.subjectNoisy datapor
dc.titleTechniques in numerical differentiation of experimentally noisy datapor
degois.publication.locationPorto, Portugalpor
degois.publication.title5th International Conference of Mechanical & Materials in Designpor
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