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Título: Economic valuation of environmental goods and services
Autor: Matos, Alda
Cabo, Paula
Ribeiro, Maria Isabel
Fernandes, António
Palavras-chave: Economic valuation
Natural resources
Data: 2010
Editora: IPB, IUFRO
Citação: Matos, Alda; Cabo, Paula; Ribeiro, Maria; Fernandes, António (2010) - Economic valuation of environmental goods and services. In Azevedo, João; Feliciano, Manuel; Castro, José; Pinto, Maria Alice (eds.) Forest landscapes and global change. New frontiers in management, conservation and restoration. Proceedings of the IUFRO Landscape Ecology Working Group International Conference. Bragança: IPB, IUFRO. p. 514-51I9. ISBN 978-972-745-110-4
Resumo: The economic valuation of environmental goods and services (EVEG&S) results of the increasing concern with the quality of industrial products and the reduction of social welfare. The EVEG&S presents the direct and indirect costs and benefits of quantitative and qualitative environmental changes in goods and services and corresponding impacts. This is particularly important in the valuation of investment projects and governmental policies. This study consists in a survey of environmental appraisal methods, focusing into the hypothetical and complementary market based ones. The review reveals that evaluation of environmental quality is very complex. In fact, for each criterion there are several assumptions that are inapplicable to all situations. Effectively, despite the evident complementarity of conventional goods environmental quality, the values attributed to these resources could be underestimated and complementary and substitute markets can be inefficient parameters.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10198/4484
ISBN: 978-972-745-110-4
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