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Title: Evaluation of a segmental durations model for TTS
Author: Teixeira, João Paulo
Freitas, D.
Keywords: ANN
Segmental durations
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Teixeira, J. P.; Freitas, D. (2003) - Evaluation of a segmental durations model for TTS. In Computational Processing of the Portuguese Language - 6th International Workshop, PROPOR 2003". Faro, Portugsl. ISBN 3-540-40436-8
Abstract: In this paper we present a condensed description of a European Portuguese segmental duration’s model for TTS purposes and concentrate on its evaluation. This model is based on artificial neural networks. The evaluation of the model quality was made by comparison with read speech. The standard deviation reached in test set is 19.5 ms and the linear correlation coefficient is 0.84. The model is perceptually evaluated with 4.12 against 4.30 for natural human read speech in a scale of 5.
Peer review: yes
ISBN: 3-540-40436-8
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