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Title: Automation and control of the SORTEGEL wastewater plant
Author: Araújo, João
Cunha, José Boaventura
Oliveira, Paulo
Pires, Eduardo S.
Coelho, J.P.
Keywords: Automation
Process control
Programmable logic controllers
Waste treatment
Water pollution
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Araújo, João; Cunha, José; Oliveira, Paulo; Pires, Eduardo; Coelho, João (2010) - Automation and control of the SORTEGEL wastewater plant. In 9th Portuguese Conference on Automatic Control.
Abstract: Food Processing Industries produce large amounts of wastewater with high environmental impact. Due to the high content of suspended matter and inadequate pH value of the wastewater, national laws prohibit direct discharges of the influent to the environment. This work describes the design and operation of a wastewater treatment plant installed in the Sortegel food-processing company located in Sortes, Portugal. This industry uses the water collected from groundwater wells to process raw materials and to wash the equipments, being the volume of wastewater produced season dependent (80 to 300m3/day). Results show that the implemented wastewater treatment plant and the automation solutions generate treated effluents that comply with the Portuguese legislation.
Peer review: yes
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