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Título: Accoustical characterisation of accented syllable in portuguese; a contribution to the naturalness of speech synthesis
Autor: Teixeira, João Paulo
Paulo, Elisabete R.
Freitas, D.
Pinto, Maria da Graça
Palavras-chave: Prosody
Accented yllable
European Portuguese
Data: 1999
Editora: ISCA
Citação: Teixeira, João Paulo; Paulo, Elisabete R.; Freitas, D.; Pinto, Maria da Graça (1999) - Accoustical characterisation of accented syllable in portuguese; a contribution to the naturalness of speech synthesis. In PROCEEDINGS OF EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON SPEECH COMMUNICATION AND TECHNOLOGY - EUROSPEECH’99. BUDAPESTE.
Resumo: Text-to-Speech systems require control of the prosodic parameters of the produced speech waveform in order to achieve a higher naturalness and degree of perception. Amongst the several dimensions into which prosody can be unfolded, the accented syllable realisation brings the basic problem of producing a set of comprehensive rules for accurate control of the acoustic realisation of the syllable parameters, which remains to be solved. In particular, for the Portuguese language, in Europe, a set of comprehensive quantitative characterisation data and rules is absolutely lacking. The present paper is intended, as a quantitative contribution, as far as we know the first, to the solution of this problem. The duration Intensity, and variation of F0 were modelled in the tonic syllable according to its position in the word and the position of the word in the sentence.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10198/4425
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