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Título: In vivo ultasonic measurements and live weight for predicting carcass quality in Churra Tensina mountain breed lambs
Autor: Delfa, R.
Joy, M.
Sanz, A.
Panea, B.
Álvarez-Rodríguez, J.
Alberti, P.
Teixeira, A.
Data: 2007
Editora: Wageningen Academic Publishers
Citação: Delfa, R.; Joy, M.; Sanz, A.; Panea, B.; Alvarez-Rodrigues, J.; Alberti, P.; Teixeira, A. (2007) - In vivo ultasonic measurements and live weight for predicting carcass quality in Churra Tensina mountain breed lambs. In Lazzaroni, C.; Gigli, S.; Gabiña, D. (Eds.) Evaluation of carcass and meat quality in cattle and sheep. Wageningen: Wageningen Academic Publishers. (EAAP publication; 123) p. 189-193. ISBN 978-90-8686-022-7
Relatório da Série N.º: EAAP publication No. 123.;
Resumo: Forty-six single male lambs ofChurra Tensina mountain breed with a live-weight ranging from 19.9 . to 24.4 kg ('Temasco' carcass commercial type) were scanned by ultrasound (ALOKAmodel SSD- 900, with a 7.5 MHz probe) to determine M. longissimus dorsi depth and subcutaneous fat thickness between the lOth-lith, 12th-13th dorsal vertebrae and 1st-2nd, 3rd-4th lumbar vertebrae. Lambs were slaughtered and carcasses were cooled at 4 °C for 24 h and halved. The left side was divided according to a standardised jointing procedure, based on six anatomical regions: shoulder, long leg, anterior ribs, ribs, flank and neck. Each joint was then disseCted into ,muscle, bone plus remainder and subcutaneous, inter-muscular, kidney and pelvic fat. Thein vivo ultrasound measureme~ts plus slaughter weight were fitted to predict carcass tissue composition by Stepwise regression analysis. All the developed models were highly significant (P<O.OO 1) and explained 70, 51 , 82, 56, 59 and 41 % of the muscle, bone plus remainder, subcutaneous, inter-muscular, kidney and pelvic fat variation respectively. The model residual standard deviations were lower than 124.3 g.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10198/4266
ISBN: 978-90-8686-022-7
ISSN: 0071-2477
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