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Título: Using internet distributed communication in management a textile research project
Autor: Bastos, Pedro
Amaral, Luís
Santos, Maribel
Amorim, Teresa
Vanconcelos, Rosa
Palavras-chave: Distributed communication
Data: 2002
Editora: IPMU
Citação: BBastos, Pedro; Amaral, Luís; Santos, Maribel; Amorim, Teresa; Vanconcelos, Rosa (2002) - Using internet distributed communication in management a textile research project. In IPMU 2002. Annecy. ISBN 2-9516453-3-3
Resumo: This paper describes an experience made in a research project Cotton properties: Inference through Data Mining Techniques, funded by Science and Technology Foundation using Data Mining Techniques and by using World Wide Web and Internet tools. Our importance level in society arises from our capacity of using knowledge and react face to new information requirement. Our psychological and intellectual development depends on a fast access to the information and the feeling of insatiability, which characterizes us, compels us to communicate it with frequency and to change ideas constantly. Due to group communication necessity, we talk every day in a direct or indirect way, through group meetings or using traditional medias. However with Internet potentialities, group communication becomes easier, such as the use of mailing lists, chats and discussion forums. The Internet supports numerous services, including electronic mail, file transfer, fax messages, conferencing, bulletin boards, remote computer access, search engines, forums, chats, electronic shopping, EDI and many more. The information and services are distributed among the various individually managed networks comprising the Internet and are accessible from anywhere in the world to anyone with a valid Internet address and connection. The two main reasons for organizations use Internet are, worldwide connectivity, access to useful information, and it is cheaper than establishing and operating private networks. Internet provides a range of tools for both communication and information retrieval. Due to vast size of scope of this network important tools have and are still being developed to aid in the access to this information. These tools go beyond the conventional e-mail, news, bulletin board and directory services and include powerful client-server and GUIs. In a project, it allows, among other things, full contact and discussion between all partners even if they are far from each other.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10198/3926
ISBN: 2-9516453-3-3
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