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Title: Portuguese converted deverbal nouns: constraints on their bases
Author: Rodrigues, Alexandra Soares
Keywords: Morphology
Word formation
Issue Date: 2004
Citation: Rodrigues, Alexandra Soares (2004) - Portuguese converted deverbal nouns: constraints on their bases. In International Conference on Deverbal Nouns. Lille
Abstract: Conversion is one of the mechanisms which are responsible for the formation of deverbal nouns in Portuguese. Portuguese converted deverbal nouns are morphologically characterised by a stem, inherited from the base verb, and a theme vowel (1). (1) corte ‘cut’-CONVERTED DEVERBAL NOUN cort ‘to cut’-VERBAL STEM e- NOMINAL THEME VOWEL voo ‘flight’-CONVERTED DEVERBAL NOUN vo- ‘to fly’- VERBAL STEM o- NOMINAL THEME VOWEL
Peer review: yes
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