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Title: Kinematical characterisation of a basic head-out aquatic Exercise during an incremental protocol
Author: Oliveira, C.
Teixeira, Genoveva
Costa, M.J.
Marinho, D.A.
Silva, A.J.
Barbosa, Tiago M.
Keywords: Head-out aquatic exercises
Rocking horse
Musical cadence
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Norwegian School of Sports Science
Citation: Oliveira, C.; Teixeira, G.; Costa, M.J.; Marinho, D.A.; Silva, A.J.; Barbosa, Tiago M. (2010) - Kinematical characterisation of a basic head-out aquatic Exercise during an incremental protocol. In XIth International Symposium for Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming. Oslo: Norwegian School of Sports Science. p. 137-139. ISBN 978-82-502-0439-3
Abstract: The aim of this study was to analyze the relationships between musical cadence and kinematical characteristics of a basic head-out aquatic exercise. Six young women with at least one year of experience conducting head-out aquatic classes were videotaped in the sagital plane with a pair of cameras providing a dual projection from both above and underwater performing 5 incremental bouts (120, 135, 150, 165 and 180 b.min-1) of the basic head-out aquatic exercise “rocking horse”. There was a decrease of the cycle period throughout the protocol. Relationships between horizontal or vertical displacements with music cadence were not significant. Increased cadence imposed increased segmental and centre of mass’ velocities. As a conclusion expert and fit subjects seem to increase segmental velocity with increasing musical cadence.
Peer review: yes
ISBN: 978-82-502-0439-3
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