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Título: Health survey among people living near an abandoned mine. A case study: Jales mine, Portugal
Autor: Gomes, Maria José
Mayan, Olga N.
Henriques, Amélia
Silva, Susana
Begonha, Andreia
Palavras-chave: Biological monitoring
Cadmium exposure
Contaminated sites
Lead exposure
Data: 2006
Editora: Springer
Citação: Gomes, Maria José; Mayan, Olga N.; Henriques, Amélia; Silva, Susana; Begona, Andreia (2006) - Health survey among people living near an abandoned mine. A case study: Jales mine, Portugal. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. ISSN 0167-6369. 123:1-3, p. 31-40,
Resumo: Campo de Jales is a village surrounding the abandoned Jales mine. The area is heavily contaminated with heavy metals and dusts from large tailings piles as result of centuries of mining operations. The aim of this study is to investigate potential health threats associated with site contamination. The population studied comprised two groups: people living in Campo de Jales (n = 229) and a control group – people living in Vilar de Macada (n = 234). Lead and cadmium exposure and symptoms survey were carried out. The results showed a significant higher levels of blood lead and cadmium between the Campo de Jales residents (lead: 9.5 microgr/dl versus 7.7 microgr/dl; cadmium: 0.84 microgr/dl versus 0,65 microgr/dl) as well as to a higher prevalence of respiratory and irritation symptoms and great concern about his own health. In conclusion: community is the scene of long-term health problems resulting from the site environmental contamination.
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