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Title: SVS, BORS, SVSi: three strategies to relate problem and program domains
Author: Berón, Mario
Pereira, Maria João
Oliveira, Nuno
Cruz, Daniela
Keywords: Program comprehension
Problem domain visualization
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Berón, Mario; Pereira, Maria João; Oliveira, Nuno; Cruz, Daniela (2010) - SVS, BORS, SVSi: three strategies to relate problem and program domains. In 18th International Conference on Program Comprehension. Braga: ICPC.
Abstract: Program Comprehension is improved if: i) the Problem and Program Domains can be related, and ii) this relation is shown in a suitable way to the programmer. Currently, there are few strategies for reaching this important goal because it is not easy to: i) Identify meaningful representations of the problem and program domains; and ii) Define a linking procedure. This poster describes three strategies to overcome the difficulties mentioned above. These strategies use static and dynamic information and traditional compilation techniques for relating both domains.
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