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Title: Damage localisation in beams using the ritz method and speckle shear interferometry
Author: Santos, J.V. Araújo dos
Lopes, H.
Ribeiro, J.E.
Maia, N.M.M.
Vaz, M.A.P.
Keywords: Damage detection
Ritz method
Timoshenko beam theory
Rotation field
Spatial derivative
Shear interferometry
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Civil-Comp Press
Citation: Santos, J. V. Araújo dos; Lopes, H.; Ribeiro, J.E.; Maia, N. M. M.; Pires Vaz, M. A. (2010) - Damage localisation in beams using the ritz method and speckle shear interferometry. In CST2010 -The Tenth International Conference on Computational Structures Technology. Valencia, Spain. ISSN 1759-3433.
Series/Report no.: CCP:93;54
Abstract: A novel numerical-experimental technique is developed in order to minimise some of the difficulties exhibited by others damage localisation approaches. The present technique relies on the computation of undamaged rotation fields using the Ritz method and the Timoshenko beam theory, while the measurement of damaged rotation fields is performed by speckle shear interferometry. Two damage localisation indicators are also presented, which, instead of being based on the second derivative of displacement fields, are based on the first spatial derivative of rotation fields. These damage localisation indicators, the modified curvature difference (MCD) and the modified damage index (MDI), were applied successfully in the localisation of damage in two clamped-clamped aluminium beams.
ISSN: 1759-3433
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