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Título: A uniform resource identifier scheme for SNMP
Autor: Lopes, Rui Pedro
Oliveira, José Luís
Palavras-chave: Network management
Data: 2002
Editora: IEEE
Citação: Lopes, Rui Pedro; Oliveira, José Luís (2002) - A uniform resource identifier scheme for SNMP. In IEEE Workshop on IP Operations and Management. Dallas. p.85-90
Resumo: One of the World Wide Web characteristics, besides its omnipresence in computer systems, is the adoption of a universal user interface that is used to access several different services that were previously accessed individually by independent applications. The Internet resources started to be identified by URI schemes, a text string with specific syntax and grammar. Although existing for several services such as http, ftp, gopher and news, these identifiers are not used to identify SNMP resources. This paper proposes an URI scheme for identifying SNMP resources and presents some practical scenarios where the existence of such compact and complete identifying mechanism increases flexibility and functionality of network management applications.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10198/2244
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