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Title: Experimental evaluation of new one-chip solution for induction motor drives
Author: Araújo, R.
Moutinho, J.
Leite, V.
Keywords: Digital control
Digital signal processing chips
Induction motor drives
Machine vector control
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: Araújo, R.; Moutinho, J.; Leite, V. (2006) - Experimental evaluation of new one-chip solution for induction motor drives. In IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics. Montreal, Canada. p.411-415.
Abstract: The design of high performance induction motor drives is a complex task, and the every day compelling requirements in energy efficiency and performance assumes the motivation on finding a more integrated solution on implementing induction motor control. The main subjects of this paper are two: to discuss the IFOC one-chip solution and to explore the development of simple graphical applications in order to operate this control in a simple and effective way. Experimental results are presented to illustrate the main points of our paper.
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