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Título: An association UNIFAC model for aqueous and alcohol solutions of sugars
Autor: Ferreira, Olga
Macedo, Maria E.
Data: 2002
Citação: Ferreira, Olga; Macedo, Maria E. (2002) - An association UNIFAC model for aqueous and alcohol solutions of sugars. In 19th European Conference on Applied Thermodynamics. Santorini, Grécia. p. 311-315.
Resumo: In this work, a modified UNIFAC model [1] that explicitly takes into account association effects is applied to mixtures containing common sugars, alcohols and water. Following the same strategy adopted before [2], four residual groups were defined to represent the sugars family: the pyranose ring (PYR), the furanose ring (FUR), the osidic bond (-O-) and the hydroxyl ring group (OH ring) [2]. For the association term, a general two sites OH associating group is used to represent association effects in these solutions, allowing a straightforward extension to multicomponent mixtures. Correlation of both solvent activity properties (water activities, vapour pressures, boiling and freezing points of aqueous D-glucose and D-fructose solutions) and sugars (D-fructose, D-glucose and sucrose) solubility in water, ethanol and methanol give very good results. Satisfactory predictions are obtained for vapour-liquid equilibrium and solid-liquid equilibrium of ternary and quaternary mixtures of sugars in mixed solvents.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10198/2169
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