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Title: Liquid–liquid equilibria of mixtures containing methyl acetate + methanol + hexane or heptane
Author: Casás, Lídia M.
Orge, Beatriz
Ferreira, Olga
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: ACS
Citation: Casás, Lídia M.; Orge, Beatriz; Ferreira, Olga (2008) - Liquid–liquid equilibria of mixtures containing methyl acetate + methanol + hexane or heptane. Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data. ISSN 1520-5134. 53:1, p.89-93
Abstract: This paper reports the results of a new experimental study of liquid–liquid equilibria for the mixtures methyl acetate + methanol + hexane or heptane at atmospheric pressure and at (268.15, 278.15, 288.15, and 298.15)K. The equilibrium compositions were measured by gas chromatography from samples split isothermally into a glass-stirred device, and phase diagrams are reported at each temperature. The experimentally determined liquid-liquid equilibria were satisfactorily correlated by the NRTL and UNIQUAC equations. A comparative analysis was performed by application of UNIFAC group contribution method and its modifications to predict experimental liquid–liquid equilibria (LLE) behavior of these ternary mixtures. A poor prediction was observed from these contribution methods.
ISSN: 1520-5134
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