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Title: Causal effects of alternative participation patterns: a labour policy application
Author: Nunes, Alcina
Keywords: Evaluation of social programmes
Propensity score matching
Labour policy
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Delta Publicaciones Universitarias
Citation: Nunes, Alcina (2009) - Causal effects of alternative participation patterns: a labour policy application. In XXIII Congresso Internacional de Economia Aplicada. Covilhã. ISBN 978-84-92453-69-6
Abstract: The Portuguese public labour market policy offers, to the registered unemployed individuals, not only the possibility of successive participation in different labour programmes but also the possibility to postpone that participation. Dynamic matching techniques allow to understand the causal effects of the above alternative participation patterns, as this paper shows. The compute results of a consecutive participation decision compared with the alternative postponed participation suggest a higher degree of effectiveness of the public labour public policy.
ISBN: 978-84-92453-69-6
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