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Title: Composition of context aware mobile services using a semantic context model
Author: Sousa, João Paulo
Carrapatoso, Eurico
Fonseca, Benjamim
Pimentel, Maria da Graça
Bulcão-Neto, Renato
Keywords: Context-aware
Services composition
Semantic web
Web services
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: IARIA
Citation: Sousa, João Paulo; Carrapatoso, Eurico; Fonseca, Benjamin; Pimentel, Maria da Graça; Neto, Renato Bulcão (2009) - Composition of context aware mobile services using a semantic context model. International Journal on Advances in Software. ISSN 1942-2628. 2:2-3, p. 275-287
Abstract: Context-awareness has been regarded as an important feature for mobile services. However, only a few services are sensible to context and the features that are context-aware are still limited. Composition of Web services has received much interest in business-to-business or enterprise application, but not so much interest in business-to- consumer applications. This paper presents iCas, a novel architecture that enables the creation of context-aware services on the fly, and discusses its main components. We compare our approach with similar systems and point out the main differences and advantages. To explore context-awareness to support service composition, iCas uses SeCoM, a semantic model to represent context. The main parts of this model are explained as well the advantages of using a semantic model to represent context. We also describe the use of our approach in an university campus to provide pedagogical features and assist the socio-pedagogical interaction of various types of users.
ISSN: 1942-2628
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