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Title: An integrated process to produce vanillin and lignin-based polyurethanes from Kraft lignin
Author: Silva, E.A.B.
Zabkova, M.
Araújo, J.D.
Cateto, C.A.
Barreiro, M.F.
Belgacem, M.N.
Rodrigues, A.E.
Keywords: Kraft lignin
Integrated process
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Silva, E.A.B. da; Zabkova, M.; Araújo, J.D.; Cateto, C.A.; Barreiro, M.F.; Belgacem, M.N.; Rodrigues, A.E. (2009) - An integrated process to produce vanillin and lignin-based polyurethanes from Kraft lignin. Chemical Engineering Research and Design. ISSN 0263-8762. 87:9, p. 1276-1292
Series/Report no.: 87;
Abstract: The aim of this manuscript is to present an integrated process that includes reaction and separation steps for producing vanillin and lignin-based polyurethanes from Kraft lignin. It provides details about lignin oxidation and subsequent vanillin recovery, as well as, the synthesis of lignin-based polyurethanes. The oxidation of Kraft lignin in alkaline medium has been carried out in a batch reactor and the optimum operational conditions for vanillin production obtained. The feasibility of a continuous process for vanillin production has been analyzed using a structured bubble column reactor. The generated reaction stream (degraded lignin and sodium vanillate) was further subjected to an ultrafiltration process to recover the vanillate. An ion-exchange process allows recovering the vanillin by passing the vanillate solution through a column packed with an ion-exchange resin in H+ form. The remaining lignin can act as a raw material to produce polyurethanes and/or biofuels. In this work the first approach was explored.
ISSN: 0263-8762
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