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Título: Prevalence of surgical site infection in adults at a hospital unit in the North of Portugal
Autor: Preto, Vera Lúcia Sarmento Martins
Silva, Norberto
Magalhães, Carlos Pires
Martins, Matilde
Palavras-chave: Surgical wound infection
Escherichia coli
Data: 2016
Editora: Unidade de Investigação em Saúde (UIS) da Escola Superior de Saúde do IPLeiria
Citação: Preto, Vera; Silva, Norberto; Magalhães, Carlos Pires; Martins, Matilde (2016) - Prevalence of surgical site infection in adults at a hospital unit in the North of Portugal. In The 3rd IPLeiria’s International Health Congress. Leiria. p. 16-16
Resumo: Background Infection of the surgical site is one of the most frequent infections associated with health care. Objective: To identify the prevalence of surgical site infection in adults at a hospital in the North of Portugal. Methods A prospective study carried out at a hospital in the north of Portugal in 2015. Inclusion criteria: having been hospitalized in surgical and obstetrics services in the past 24 hours, aged 16 years or more, undergoing colon surgery, gallbladder and caesarean section. A sample of 579 participants was obtained. The characterization of the patient and the surgery was performed using an inquiry application in the first 24 hours after surgery, and the registration of the infection at the time of occurrence within 30 days following the procedure. Results Among the 579 participants 53.4 % were females, with an average age of 57.1 years (17-97 years), 64.1 % underwent prophylactic antibiotic therapy, in 52.7 % the surgery was urgent, 6.6 % underwent surgery laparoscopically, 70.0 % of the surgeries occurred in the surgery department, of which 33.3 % were cholecystectomy. Predominantly the wounds were clean (62.0 %). The average wait for surgery was 7 days, for admission 12 days and average surgical time 59 minutes. There was a 6.0 % prevalence of surgical site infection and Escherichia coli accounted for 47.8 % of them. The average time of onset was 9 days and the organ/space was the most affected site (48.6 %). Conclusions Prevalence of infection was 6.0 %. It is suggested to carry out further studies that show factors associated with this type of infection.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10198/13949
DOI: 10.1186/s12913-016-1423-5
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