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Título: Body image perception in adolescents and concern with weight
Autor: Pereira, Ana Maria Geraldes Rodrigues
Antão, Celeste
Veiga-Branco, Augusta
Palavras-chave: Body image
Youth health
Data: 2016
Editora: Elsevier
Citação: Pereira, Ana Maria Geraldes Rodrigues; Antão, Celeste; Veiga-Branco, Augusta (2016) - Body image perception in adolescentes and concern with weight. Atención Primaria. ISSN 0212-6567. 48 (espec. cong 1), p. 36-37
Resumo: In a holistic conception of health, youth health is moderated by their self image and the perception that adolescents have of themselves is conditioned by social and cultural pressure, and low selfesteem is often observed, possibly caused by the way they perceive their own body, having as a consequence, an health proile with morbidities. Recognize the level of youth heath assessing Body Image perception and their concern with weight. It is a descriptive, quantitative and transversal study. Based on a sampling error lower than 5% and a conidence level of 95%, the study was carried out on a sample of 600 adolescents aged between 12 and 18. A self-ad-ministered questionnaire validated for adolescents was conducted by Di Pietro (2002). The sample is composed of 44% male and 56% female adolescents, with an age mean of 15.54. 61.2% of the boys and 83.6% of the girls stated to be concerned with their weight. The main reasons given for this concern were health associated with aesthetics (29.1% of boys and 38.5% of girls). The results show that 12.8% of boys and 23.5% of girls are dissatisied with their body image. The study revealed that the variable gender is statistically moderating in relation to the variables: body image perception and concern with weight: female adolescents show a higher dissatisfaction with their body image (0.003) and a bigger concern with weight (0.000). The results point out towards the need for assessment/ intervention in this population as body image represents a paramount issue in adolescence, with the body image self-perception being strongly associated with the biopsychosocial maturing process, which interferes with their level of health and personal and social development.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10198/13405
ISSN: 0212-6567
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