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Título: Parental feelings face to hospitalization of the child
Autor: Antão, Celeste
Rodrigues, Nicole
Sousa, Filomena
Palavras-chave: Nursing
Feelings parenting
Hospitalization of children
Data: 2016
Editora: Elsevier
Citação: Antão, Celeste; Rodrigues, Nicole; Sousa , Filomena (2016) - Parental feelings face to hospitalization of the child. Atención Primaria. ISSN 0212-6567. 48 (espec. cong 1), p. 37-37
Resumo: The hospitalizatíon of a child carnes with it major changes, etther in the child's life or parent. lllness and hospttalizatíon constitute a crisis situation for both the child and the famHy as it incorporates financiai, psychotogical, relational and social changes. The purpose of this work and analyze the satísfactíon and parents' perception on the importance of nursing care during hospttalizatíon and feelings experienced by parents. Objectives: To know the opinions and feelings of the parents in relation to the admlsston of the child 1n the service of Pediatrics at North of Portugal. Methods: Integrated this study parents of chtldren hospttalized in the pediatric inpatíent at the Hospital Trás-os-Montes e alto Douro, Vila Real, whose children were in the service to at least more than 48 hours, In total 33 escorts that replied to the questionnaire. For such a study we chose the type quantitative deschptíve. We proceeded to collect data by conductíng a questíonnaire, and the results of it were drafted in the SPSS program through Quantitatíve model wtth exploratory qualitatíve approach. Results: The age ofthe partícipants is between the 21 and 46 years - old, 75. 8% of respondents were married, 78. 8% of chtldren was hospitalized in the first time. We conclude that the mother is who else accompanies the chtld in the hospital. We had positive feedback regarding the interactíon parent-nurses since many parents stressed the good relatíonship with the nursing team (It reported that "Nurses" and "Nurses and "auxiliaries" were who else helped them, with 30. 3% and 21. 2% respectively). The feelings more mentioned were: anxiety -21 answers, sadness-20, fear-15 and hope with 15. The conditions offered to the parents were considered goodfor60.6%.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10198/13401
ISSN: 0212-6567
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