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Título: Winning the race
Autor: Alves, Alice Cardoso Fontes Santos
Mesquita, Cristina
Rodrigues, Maria José
Data: 2014
Citação: Alves, Alice Cardoso Fontes Santos; Mesquita, Cristina; Rodrigues, Maria José (2014) - Winning the Race. Internacional Conference Successful Experiences and Good Practices in Chemistry Education. Bragança
Resumo: In Portugal some official documents (Curriculum Guidelines for Preschool Education [1]; Circular Nº. 17/DSDC/DEPEB/2007 [2]; Learning Goals for preschool education [3]) and the scientific literature [4] emphasize the importance of the experimental sciences, such as chemistry, inserted in the area of Knowledge of the World. This area is seen as “a path to science awareness, which should provide to children experiences related to several domains of human knowledge” [4, p. 14]. This introduction to science approach involves exploring subjects related to history, sociology, geography, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, geology and meteorology, among others. However, an integrative and broad approach is necessary, respecting the holistic nature that characterizes this level of education. Moreover, the current orientations point to a humanistic approach of science, in a Science-Technology-Society perspective. In this context, this paper presents a chemistry experimental activity related to liquid viscosity, considering that this subject is part of the children daily experiences and that this discussion can help them understand the surrounding environment pre-school education orientations. This activity allows children to experiment and compare the speed of fall of a marble in liquids with different viscosity. This approach fosters the usage of several procedures and skills, such as questioning, observing, manipulating variables, registering, measuring, comparing, counting, describing and interpreting data, among others. Although not exclusive of science, this enhances a broad and integrative view of the world, contributing to the scientific literacy of children.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10198/12660
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