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Title: pCoR - a protoype for resource oriented computing
Author: Pina, António
Oliveira, Vitor
Moreira, Cecília
Alves, Albano
Keywords: Fine-grained multithreading
Computing paradigm
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: WIT Press
Citation: Pina, António; Oliveira, Vitor; Moreira, Cecília; Alves, Albano (2002) - pCoR - a protoype for resource oriented computing. In 7th International Conference on Applications of High-Performance Computers in Engineering. Bologna, Italy. p. 251-262. ISSN: 1368-7638
Abstract: In this paper we present CoR a resource oriented computing model that address the question of how to integrate user-level fine-grained multithreading, communication and coordination into a cluster of symmetrical multiprocessor computers. To support the design of complex distributed application using the proposed paradigm we built pCoR a run-time system which has new areas that represents extensions to the strict shared memory and message passing models supported by other platforms: remote operations, dynamic domains, communication ports, multithreading management, shared memory, replication and partition are some of its distinguished features. In addition, it provides a thread-safe transport communication layer to take advantage of modern high-performance commodity hardware/software like Myrinet network.
ISSN: 1368-7638
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