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Title: Portals and Vle: how are they related and what are they for
Author: Epelboin, Y.
Alves, Paulo
Held, P.
Palma, José
Uhomoibhi, James
Keywords: Portals
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Universidad de Santiago de Compustela
Citation: Epelboin, Y.; Alves, Paulo; Held, P.; Palma, J.; Uhomoibhi, J. (2009) - Portals and Vle: how are they related and what are they for. In Proceedings of the EUNIS 2009 Conference. Santiago de Compostela: Universidad. ISBN 978-84-9887-138-8
Abstract: Portals and VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) are increasingly being deployed for use in most universities. At a recent meeting of the eLearning Task Force held in Paris, January 29th 2009, the need for clarification of what they are and how they are related was highlighted. This presentation results from exchanges among participants during this meeting.
ISBN: 978-84-9887-138-8
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