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Título: CDM controller order and disturbance rejection ability
Autor: Coelho, J.P.
Giernacki, Wojciech
Boaventura-Cunha, José
Data: 2014
Citação: Coelho, J.P.; Giernacki, Wojciech; Boaventura-Cunha, José (2014) - CDM controller order and disturbance rejection ability. In ICCIT 2014: International Conference on Control and Information Technology. Barcelona, Spain
Resumo: The coefficient diagram method is primarily an algebraic control design method whose objective is to easily obtain a good controller with minimum user effort. As a matter of fact, if a system model, in the form of linear differential equations, is known, the user only need to define a time-constant and the controller order. The later can be established regarding the expected disturbance type via a lookup table first published by Koksal and Hamamci in 2004. However an inaccuracy in this table was detected and pointed-out in the present work. Moreover the above mentioned table was expanded in order to enclose any k order type disturbance
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10198/11890
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