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Título: Experimental and numerical analysis of MR dampers
Autor: Braz-César, M.T.
Barros, Rui
Palavras-chave: Semiactive
MR damper
Data: 2013
Citação: Braz-César, M.T.; Barros, Rui (2013) - Experimental and numerical analysis of MR dampers. In COMPDYN 2013 : 4th International Conference on Computational Methods in Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering (and SEECCM III : 3rd South-East European Conference on Computational Mechanics). Greece
Resumo: his paper provides a brief description of MR fluid technology and MR fluid based devices. Analytical and experi mental investigations about MR dampers covering their rheo- logical properties and hysteretic behavior will be carried out. In the first section an overview of the basic properties of the MR fluids and the fluid behavior under different flow regimes are presented. Then, a selection of numerical models to simulate MR dampers behavior will be presented based on the available literature. To obtain and analyze the hysteretic behavior of a MR damper, a commercial device was expe rimentally tested under several input excita- tions. Based on the experimental results an identification procedure was carried out to deter- mine the necessary parameters to develop a numerical model. Finally, results from experimental investigations and numerical analyses are summarized and compared.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10198/11279
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