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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Waist circumference and motor coordination in Portuguese school childrenLopes, Luís; Santos, Rute; Pereira, Beatriz; Lopes, Vítor P.
2011Waist circumference predicts poor motor coordination in Portuguese school childrenLopes, Luís; Santos, Rute; Lopes, Vítor P.; Pereira, Beatriz
2008Walnut as a potential natural anticholesterolaemic and a source of antioxidant compoundsAmaral, J.S.; Seabra, R.M.; Oliveira, M.B.P.P.
2012Warehouse design and product assignment and allocation: a mathematical programming modelGeraldes, Carla A. S.; Carvalho, Sameiro; Pereira, Guilherme
2008A warehouse design decision model: case studyGeraldes, Carla A. S.; Carvalho, Maria do Sameiro; Pereira, Guilherme
1999Waste water catalytic wet air oxidation using carbon supported patinum as a catalystGomes, Helder; Faria, Joaquim; Figueiredo, José
2007Water activity in aqueous amino acid solutions, with and without KCl, at 298.15 KPinho, Simão
2013Water-based polyurethane dispersions: chemistry, technology and applicationsFernandes, I.P.; Costa, M.R.; Ferreira, M.J.; Barreiro, M.F.
2011Water level fluctuations in reservoirs: a challenge for algal growth control and water quality managementGeraldes, Ana Maria; Silva-Santos, Pedro
2008Watershed framework to region-based image segmentationMonteiro, Fernando C.
2012Water soluble polysaccharidic and ethanolic fractions of wild edible mushrooms: chemical composition and bioactivity evaluation.Vaz, Josiana A.; Tavares, Catarina; Almeida, Gabriela M.; Martins, Anabela; Vasconcelos, M. Helena; Ferreira, Isabel C.F.R.
2008Web 2.0: Google docs no processo de ensino e aprendizagemMiranda, Luísa; Morais, Carlos; Alves, Paulo; Dias, Paulo
2010Web colaborativa: evolução ou revolução?Barbosa, Marco Paulo da Silva; Gonçalves, Ramiro; Babo, Rosalina; Morais, Elisabete Paulo
2014Webquests in translator tools learning: a case studyChumbo, Isabel; Gonçalves, Vitor
2006Web semântica e e-Learning juntos por uma boa causaGonçalves, Vitor; Carrapatoso, Eurico
2007What portuguese beekeepers do to cope with varroaPires, Sância; Murilhas, António; Pereira, Óscar
2009When the young think that every plant is parsley. Social variability of ethnobotanical knowledge and plant categorization in two rural areas from PortugalCarvalho, Ana Maria; Frazão-Moreira, Amélia
2010Where have all the forest gone, long time passingAguiar, Carlos
2013Where to walk in Alentejo? Mapping outdoor recreation based on land cover pattern preferences by touristsCastro, José; Ribeiro, Sónia Carvalho; Correia, Teresa Pinto
2011Which project characteristics are important? What are the project success factors?Moutinho, Nuno; Mouta, Helena
Showing results 5032 to 5051 of 5076
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