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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2011Efeitos terapêuticos do propólisLeandro, Moreira; Rogão, Mónica; Estevinho, Leticia M.articlerestrictedAccess
2011Efeitos terapêuticos do própolis na saúde humanaMoreira, Leandro; Rogão, Mónica; Estevinho, Leticia M.articleopenAccess
2012Effect of competitive interactions between ectomycorrhizal and saprotrophic fungi on Castanea sativa performancePereira, Eric Carvalho; Coelho, Valentim; Tavares, Rui Manuel; Lino-Neto, Teresa; Baptista, PaulaarticlerestrictedAccess
1997Effect of composted sewage sludge amendment on soil nitrogen and phosphorus availabilityCoutinho, João; Arrobas, Margarida; Rodrigues, OlgaarticleopenAccess
2012Effect of cultivar on sensory characteristics, chemical composition, and nutritional value of stoned green table olivesMalheiro, R.; Casal, Susana; Sousa, Anabela; Pinho, P. Guedes de; Peres, António M.; Dias, L.G.; Bento, Albino; Pereira, J.A.articlerestrictedAccess
1996Effect of ectomycorrhizal fungi on survival and growth of micropropagated plants and seedlings of Castanea sativa. MillMartins, Anabela; Barroso, J.G.; Pais, M.S.articleopenAccess
2013Effect of Erica sp honey against microorganisms of clinical importance: study of the factors underlying this biological activityFeás, Xesús; Iglesias, Antonio; Rodrigues, Sandra; Estevinho, Leticia M.articleopenAccess
2007Effect of fruiting body maturity stage on chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of lactarius sp. mushroomsBarros, Lillian; Baptista, Paula; Estevinho, Leticia M.; Ferreira, Isabel C.F.R.articlerestrictedAccess
2012Effect of gamma and electron beam irradiation on the physico-chemical and nutritional properties of mushrooms: a reviewFernandes, Ângela; Antonio, Amilcar L.; Oliveira, M.B.P.P.; Martins, Anabela; Ferreira, Isabel C.F.R.articleopenAccess
2011Effect of guar gum on the physicochemical, thermal, rheological and textural properties of green edam cheeseOliveira, Nuno M.; Dourado, Fernando Q.; Peres, António M.; Silva, Marta V.; Maia, João M.; Teixeira, José A.articleopenAccess
2005Effect of KCl and Na2SO4 on the solubility of glycine and DL-alanine in water at 298.15 KFerreira, Luísa; Macedo, Eugénia A.; Pinho, SimãoarticlerestrictedAccess
2007Effect of lactarius piperatus fruiting body maturity stage on antioxidant activity measured by several biochemical assaysBarros, Lillian; Baptista, Paula; Ferreira, Isabel C.F.R.articleopenAccess
2009Effect of microwave heating with different exposure times on physical and chemical parameters of olive oilMalheiro, R.; Oliveira, Ivo; Vilas-Boas, Miguel; Falcão, Soraia; Bento, Albino; Pereira, J.A.articleopenAccess
2004Effect of olive fruit fly infestation on the quality of olive oil from cultivars cobrançosa, madural and verdeal transmontanaPereira, J.A.; Alves, M.R.; Casal, Susana; Oliveira, M.B.P.P.articleopenAccess
2003Effect of organic matter on determination of reactive mercury in contaminated watersRamalhosa, Elsa; Río-Segade, Susana; Pereira, Eduarda; Vale, Carlos; Duarte, ArmandoarticleopenAccess
2004Effect of rearing regime on postpartum anovulatory period on Serrana goats - ecotype transmontano - kidded at fallCorreia, Teresa Montenegro; Valentim, Ramiro; Azevedo, Jorge; Almeida, José Carlos; Galvão, Lurdes; Mendonça, Álvaro; Carvalho, Marieta; Fontes, PauloarticleopenAccess
2011Effect of sex and carcass weight on carcass traits and meat quality in goat kids of Cabrito TransmontanoTeixeira, A.; Jiménez Badillo, M.R.; Rodrigues, SandraarticleopenAccess
2009Effect of sex and carcass weight on sensory quality of goat meat of Cabrito TransmontanoRodrigues, Sandra; Teixeira, A.articleopenAccess
2012Effect of slaughter weight and breed on instrumental and sensory meat quality of suckling kidsRipoll, G.; Alcalde, M.J.; Horcada, A.; Campo, M.M.; Sañudo, C.; Teixeira, A.; Panea, B.articlerestrictedAccess
2008Effect of soil boron application on flower bud and leaf boron concentrations of olivesRodrigues, M.A.; Arrobas, MargaridaarticleopenAccess