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2009An electronic tongue for juice level evaluation in non-alcoholic beveragesPeres, António M.; Dias, L.G.; Barcelos, Tânia P.; Morais, Jorge Sá; Machado, A.A.S.C.articleopenAccess
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2010A multivariate analysis of rational and behavioral factors that may explain the existence of discounts (premiums) of closed-end investment fundsMonte, Ana PaulaconferenceObjectopenAccess
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2017Overindebtedness and self-perception of social status – a case study in great Porto region (Portugal)Monte, Ana Paula; Fernandes, António B.; Ferreira, EmanuelconferenceObjectopenAccess
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2013Wind farms model aggregation using probabilistic clusteringFernandes, Paula O.; Ferreira, Ângela P.conferenceObjectrestrictedAccess